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Care of biodiversity and mitigation of climate change through comprehensive forest management

El Proyecto de los Arbolitos
The Arbolitos Project

About us

We are a group of people committed to the forests of Mexico and convinced that the path to sustainability is built from the bottom up.

We work in colaboration with Tlaloc Foundation (Fundación Tláloc A.C.)

The Arbolitos Project

The Arbolitos Project seeks to establish, in an initial plot of between 270 and 430 acres, with the goal of reaching 2,471 acres within 10 years; an effective and replicable climate change mitigation mechanism, by restoring and converting rural land of forest nature that is at risk or has been lost, especially due to land use change, expansion of the agricultural frontier, and clandestine logging.


The forest management model is based on the conservation and strengthening of mycorrhizal networks to improve forest health, and considers working with local communities for their empowerment,  and facilitate the incorporation of larger forest areas into our forest management model.


The Arbolitos Project is self-financing since it takes advantage of a sustainable management of the forest products and harmonious tourism of natural experiences.

Support our cause

Although this project has been in the making for many years, it still needs support to start the first stage. Once it starts, its care, maintenance and expansion can occur by self-financing.


That is why it is so important the support of our network of allies. Without it, we will not be able to take the first steps.

Why is The Arbolitos Project relevant?

Forests are among the most important and valuable ecosystems, and they are essential to supporting life on the planet; yet we are losing more and more forest areas every day. In turn, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are not being reduced at the rate required to sustain life as we know it.


Therefore, achieving the resurgence and lasting of forests is the best strategy that we can promote as a society, for their own value, but also as a mechanism to slow down and, in time, reverse the causes and effects of climate change.


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