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The SIRAA model was developed by Tlaloc Foundation (Fundación Tláloc A.C.) in order to build sustainable citizenship and to generate projects with a positive impact on the community. Its basic principle is the building of capacities and the empowerment of local actors, who may be part of a group within public and private institutions, social organizations or particular communities.

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Sensitize: First, the senses are awakened to reinterpret realities, and they are opened up to new approaches for different problems.

Information: This leads to the desire to know more about what you want to change. The information provides the power to know the reality that was previously identified and studied.

Reflection: Afterwards, we contrast perceptions and the information we received to form our own opinion, as well as to generate ideas and proposals.

Action: A fundamental step is to put these ideas into practice. Each of the participants becomes a protagonist individually in order to produce a collective action, questioning and adapting their own daily actions.

Learning (Aprendizaje): Finally, we must deepen our understanding of the impact and value of our actions and projects, as well as the unanticipated effects, to redesign and strengthen our strategies.

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